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The Office of the Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Uttar Pradesh has been set up under Section 60 of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 established by G.O. No. 945/65-2-98-129/98 dated 18 September 1998 of Disabled Welfare Department U.P. Govt.



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    Sri. Mahesh Kumar Gupta, IAS

    Commissioner for Persons with
    Disabilities Uttar Pradesh

Powers of the Commissioner

The Commissioner within the State shall -

  • co-ordinate with the departments of the State Government for the programmes and schemes, for the benefit of persons with disabilities;
  • monitor the utilization of funds disbursed by the State Government;
  • take steps to safeguard the rights and facilities made available to pesons with disabilities;
  • submit reports to the State Government on the implementation of the Act at such intervals as that Government may prescribe and forward a copy thereof to the Commissioner.

Commissioner to look into complaints

with respect to matters relating to deprivation of rights of persons with disabilities - Without prejudice to the provisions of section 61 the Commissioner may of his own motion or on the application of any aggrieved person or otherwise look into complaints with respect to matters relating to -

  • deprivation of rights of persons with disabilities;
  • non-implementation of laws, rules, bye-laws, regulations, executive orders, guidelines or instructions made or issued by the appropriate Governments and the local authorities for the welfare and protection of rights of persons with disabilities, and take up the matter with the appropriate authorities.
  • To optimise resources.
  • Inter departmental co-ordination & advocacy for pwd’s with rural dev., medical, education, women-child welfare, housing & police etc.
  • Partnerships with self-help groups & ngos.
  • Sensitize and motivate opinion makers & community leaders like gram pradhan’s, corporater’s, aganwadi worker’s etc .
  • Enabling environment by bureucracy.
  • Reach out to the pwds through development and welfare programmes
  • State level awards to outstanding pwd’s, cwds, institutions, placement officers and person working for the upliftment & welfare of disabled.
  • Awards ceremony on 3rd dec “world disability day” every year.